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In this section we report the estimated number of cancer cases (total and by main cancer sites) for Italy (The predicted Italian population is available in ISTAT website Source: AIOM-AIRTUM I numeri del cancro in Italia - 2013
Cancer sitemenwomentotal
All sites but skin non melanoma 199500166500366000
Head and neck 720023009500
Oesophagus 14006002000
Stomach 7900530013200
Colon 219001700038900
Colon, rectum and anus 314002320054600
Rectum and anus 9500620015700
Liver 8900430013200
Gallbladder 210024004500
Pancreas 5800640012200
Lung, bronchus, trachea 270001120038200
Bone 400200600
Melanoma of skin 5300510010400
Mesothelioma 13004001700
Kaposi`s sarcoma 500200700
Connective tissue 11007001800
Breast 11004690048000
Cervix uteri 2000
Corpus uteri 8200
Ovary 4800
Prostate 35800
Testis 2200
Kidney and urinary organs 8400430012700
Bladder 22100510027200
Brain and SNC 320025005700
Thyroid 41001220016300
Hodgkin lymphoma 130010002300
Non-hodgkin lymphoma 6900590012800
Multiple myeloma 270025005200
Leukaemia 440035007900

The incidence estimates for the year 2013 were produced by applying the rates age, sex, site and area specific Pool AIRTUM 2006-2009 projected to 2013, the Italian resident population in 2013, as calculated by ISTAT (the central hypothesis - ). The projected rates 2006-2009 to 2013 was obtained by multiplying the age-specific incidence rates for the coefficient of average annual percent change (APC) for the period 1996-2007, with the level of detail of the site, sex, age-group. There are other estimates of the incidence of tumors in Italy, for example in the website of the European Cancer Observatory ( ) or in the portal The different methods used, the inclusion or exclusion of certain cancers (skin cancers, primary tumors of the first), the restriction to certain age groups, the age structure of the population to which they refer can produce abundance different estimates. In any case, the estimates have a indicative meaning of the magnitude of a phenomenon.

AIRTUM, Italian Association of Cancer Registries, 2014