Welcome to ITACAN. This project presents the main epidemiological cancer measures of the major cancers recorded by the Italian cancer registries. This Internet application provides access to summary data with graphic and tabulation facilities.
  • The Italian Association of Cancer Registries (AIRTUM) has the copyright of the materials on the Website. The data extracted from this website are in the public domain. You may use it "as is" but must cite the corresponding reference (see below).
  • The property of data is of each Registry.
  • Systematic retrieval of data to create or compile, directly or indirectly, a collection, database or directory without written permission from AIRTUM is prohibited.
  • This application has been developed in collaboration with the Section of Cancer Information (CIN) at IARC.
  • Before you start working with ITACAN, we strongly recommend that you first read the section: The ITACAN database.
  • Tables and graphs are made based on the selection of the user.

Recommended reference
ITACAN: Cancer in Italy, Version 2.0. Italian Association of Cancer Registries (http://www.registri-tumori.it).

AIRTUM, Italian Association of Cancer Registries, 2014