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The cancer site dictionary used in ITACAN is based on the International Classification of Diseaseand is given by codes used in the 10th revision (ICD 9 for mortality). Users that need finer breakdown by sites may contact AIRTUM to request such data. The order of diagnosis can be sorted according ICD-10 or label names.

  C00-43, C45-96  All sites but skin non melanoma   140-172,174-208
 C00-14, C30-32  Head and neck  140-149, 160-161
 C01-02  Tongue  141
 C03-06  Mouth  143-145
 C07-08  Salivary gland  142
 C09-10  Oropharynx  146
 C11  Nasopharynx  147
 C12-13  Hypopharynx  148
 C15  Oesophagus  150
 C16  Stomach  151
 C17  Small intestine  152
 C18  Colon  153
 C18-21  Colon, rectum and anus  153-154
 C19-21  Rectum and anus  154
 C22  Liver  155
 C23-24  Gallbladder  156
 C25  Pancreas  157
 C30-31  Nasal cavities  160
 C32  Larynx  161
 C33-34  Lung, bronchus, trachea  162
 C40-41  Bone  170
 C43  Melanoma of skin  172
 C45  Mesothelioma  163
 C46  Kaposi`s sarcoma  
 C47, C49  Connective tissue  171
 C50  Breast  174-175
 C51-52  Vagina and vulva  
 C53  Cervix uteri  180
 C54  Corpus uteri  182
 C56  Ovary  183
 C60  Penis  
 C61  Prostate  185
 C62  Testis  186
 C64-66, C68  Kidney and urinary organs  189
 C67, D09.0, D30.3, D41.4  Bladder  188
 C69, M8720-M8790  Melanoma of choroid  190
 C70-72  Brain and SNC  191-192
 C73  Thyroid  193
 C81  Hodgkin lymphoma  201
 C82-85, C96  Non-hodgkin lymphoma  200,202
 C88-90  Multiple myeloma  203
 C91.0  Acute lymphoid leukaemia  
 C91.1  Chronic lymphoid leukaemia  
 C91-95  Leukaemia  204-208
 C92.0  Acute myeloid leukaemia  
 C92.1  Chronic myeloid leukaemia  

* not available for all Cancer Registries

The Histological Groups used here are based on the ICD-O-3 morphology codes and have been fully described in Chapter 4 of Volume IX of Cancer Incidence in Five Continents.

AIRTUM, Italian Association of Cancer Registries, 2013